HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds
DLC Speaker
IPX7 Waterproof
Sport for pro
36H battery life
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Bluetooth 5.2
Battery Life
Dynamic Speakers
Ear Hooks
Ear Hooks
Secure Fit
Noise Reduction
Noise Reduction
HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds Design
HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds Design Mobile

Rear-hanging design

When it comes to sports, you will get a lot of bouncing, impacts, and shacking, and ordinary wireless earbuds are not something you can count on to stay in your ears – and that’s where Rear-hanging design earbuds like HAKII Action come in. The ear hooks make HAKII Action stay on your ears, while the soft silicone material make them comfortable to wear.

People wearing HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds
People wearing HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds in sports

Fit closely

Lots of correction, polishing and deliberation have been carried out based on the real experience and feedback. Matched with different sizes of earplugs, it makes you feel both stable and comfortable during sports.

People wearing HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds in sports mobile

IPX7 Waterproof

With IPX7-level powerful waterproof, the HAKII Action is fearless against rain and sweat. The earbuds can resist water even when you put in in water up to 1 meter of depth for up to 30 minutes.*

* 1. Damage by water is not covered by warranty. 2. Charging case is not waterproof.

People wearing HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds in the rainPeople wearing HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds in the rain mobile
People listening music with HAKII Action earbudsPeople listening music with HAKII Action earbuds

Audiophile’s gospel

The 10mm DLC diamond-like carbon diaphragm speaker is used together with the Daikoku pure copper voice coil imported from Japan to overflow the imaginary balanced sound effect and accurately restore every detail of the music scene, making every song more authentic.

* Tips: To enjoy the best sound quality, please use the appropriate size eartips that isolate the sound in your ears

HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds Battery Background

Super long endurance for 36 hours

The music can be played for 9 hours on a full charge, and it can last up to 36 hours together with three additional recharges from a charging case, so that you can always be accompanied by music during sports.

2 hrs music play in 10 mins charging

The HAKII family-type classic design is adopted for the charging case, which supports the function of fast charging.

HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds Battery Background
Wireless Charging with HAKII Action Wireless Earbuds

Wireless Charging Instantly

Support wireless charging function, which can be compatible with most wireless chargers in the market.

Wireless Charging with HAKII Action Wireless Earbuds Mobile
Phone Call Noise Cancellation

cVc Noise Cancellation for Phone Calls

The adaptive 4-microphone system, combined with the 8th generation of CVC smart call noise reduction technology, can reduce the background noise in real time. Even in a noisy environment such as the subway, the other person involved can also hear clearly your whisper through the earphone.

* Note: Active noise cancelling for music listening (ANC) is NOT available for HAKII Action.

Phone Call Noise Cancellation Mobile

Low Latency for Gaming / Video

By double tapping on the right earbud, you’ll enter Game mode that reduce sound latency to only 80-100ms, so you can enjoy gaming or video watching with little to none notice to any delay

HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds GamingHAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds Gaming Mobile
HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds ChipsetHAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds Chipset Mobile

Qualcomm + Bluetooth V5.2

Equipped with the new generation of Qualcomm QCC3040 true wireless Bluetooth 5.2 chip, the earphone has a lower power consumption, faster transmission and more stable connection, allowing you to enjoy the fun of unrestrained sports.

Smart Touch Control

There is no need for one-click control of the phone. The functions of play, pause, volume increase and decrease, song switch, hands-free answer and hangup can be controlled by tapping with the fingertip. There is really simple operation for those who love sports.

Answer calls
Single Tap
Hang up calls
Hang Up / Reject Calls
Long Press for 2 Secs
Play / Pause
Play / Pause
Single Tap
Previous Track
Previous Track
Triple Touch Left Earbud
Next Track
Next Track
Triple Touch Right Earbud
Game Mode
Game Mode
Double Touch Right Earbud
Siri / AI Assistants
Activate Siri / AI Assistants
Double Touch Left Earbud
Volume Up
Volume Up
Hold Left Earbud
Volume Down
Volume Down
Hold Right Earbud
HAKII Action ControlHAKII Action Control


Model: HAKII Action
Audio codec: aptX/AAC/SBC
Earbuds dimension: 48.6*43.5*28.5mm×2
Speakers: 10mm DLC dynamic driver
Case dimension: 73.4*52.2*45.4mm
Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz
Weight: 9.5g(bud) / 60g(case)
Battery life: up to 36 hours
Waterproof: IPX7 (earbuds only)
Playing time: up to 9 hours
Bluetooth: V5.2
Charging time: 50 min(earbuds),1.5 h(case, wired)
Wireless range: 10 meters
Bluetooth: V5.2
HAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds SpecificationsHAKII Action Workout Wireless Earbuds Specifications Mobile

What They Say

Customer Reviews

Based on 291 reviews
Kristi R.
Love them!!

These are the best ear buds, comfortable & stay in the ears. Very happy with my decision to purchase! Very easy to set up, put on & get your work out on or just listen to what is needed without disturbing others.

Alison F.
Fantastic earbuds

I have the HAKII earbuds and they are fantastic. They have no problem with my sweaty workouts, running, playing sport and the noise cancelling is great. Really comfy to wear and the set up is super easy. Love them. Definitely recommend these earbuds.

Alison F.
Great Product

I love my HAKII earbuds. They are super comfy and have no problem with my sweaty workouts. No movement went running and the noise cancelling is fantastic. Definitely recommend these.

Alejandra O.
Beautiful, great sound & low cost

I absolutely love them! The sound is amazing, the battery truly lasts 18 hours straight, they fit perfectly in the ears, and they keep away the surround sound, besides the color is beautiful. They are the perfect gym partner.

Chris K.
Clarity, Speed and GREAT Sound 👍

I really like my Hakii Action, let's get the simple things out of the way.
Battery life us Great, I have listened to them for about 6 hours in one setting and they were both comfortable and did not run out of power.
The case is really cool, you have seen it, you know I am right.
You can also fit after market eartips on them and fit them in the
The Biggest thing is the sound, I like detail in my music, my favorite headphones are Audese Planars. These do a good job at presenting details from the trrble, midst, and fast bass in the music. Which is good for me, most tws earbuds are bass heavy and muddy, but not the action, They are clear and have good detail separation.
The pairing is easy and fast. Everytime I open the case, the action are reconnected before I put them in. This is good buy for anyone looking for great sounding earbuds, for everyday, not just working out, buy them. You have to like them.