My earbuds cannot be found in the Bluetooth pairing list

  1. Please check that the plastic stickers that covering the charging contact points of the earbuds have been removed. Only when the stickers removed can the earbuds be charged. Once the stickers are removed, please charge the earbuds for 2 or more hours, and then try to pair the earbuds to your phone again.
  2. If the above method could not work, please try to reset the earbuds. For reset methods, please refer to your manual, or visit our manual center
  3. If resetting could you solve your problem, please try to pair the earbuds to another phone, and see if it works. If the earbuds work on another phone, then the problem may be caused by the original phone. In this case, please look into the setting of your phone, or contact the phone manufacturer to solve the problem.

If the above methods cannot solve your problem, please contact us

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