Earbuds that Stay In Your Ears

Discover what HAKII has to offer to keep earbuds stay in your ears

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  • Lack of Fixation

    Most of the earbuds in the market are not designed for intensive sports, therefore they don't have extra fixation solution to support intensive activities

  • Incorrect fit

    Earbuds come in various sizes and shapes to fit different ear structures. If the earbuds you're using are not the right size or shape for your ears, they may not stay securely in place.

  • Moisture or sweat

    Moisture, especially sweat, can affect the adhesion between the earbuds and your ears, causing them to slip out.

  • Movement and activity

    Physical movement, such as running or exercising vigorously, can jostle the earbuds and make them more prone to falling out.

How HAKII Keeps Earbuds Stay In Your Ears

Secure Fixation

From secure earhooks to innovative headband design, HAKII comes up with ways to make sure the earphones stay in place during intensive activities, without causing discomfort.

How HAKII Keeps Earbuds Stay In Your Ears

Anti Sweat

The HAKII waterproof earbuds provide remarkable sweat resistant capability, so you don’t have to worry about earbuds being corroded by sweat. And with headband design headphones, you can even block sweat from jamming your ears and eyes.

How HAKII Keeps Earbuds Stay In Your Ears

Universal Fitting

HAKII earbuds come with different sizes of eartips, so you can adjust the fitting according to your ear structure. And with our open-ear headphones, you don’t even have to adjust eartips, as the headphones will not cover your ears.

How HAKII Keeps Earbuds Stay In Your Ears

Wireless Freedom

All HAKII earbuds are wireless, which means that you will not have to cope with the tangling and distracting earphones cable any more.

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