HAKII Action Sports Headphones Review

HAKII Action Sports Headphones Review

The HAKII brand should already be known to you from previous reviews. We present practically all wireless speakers that they currently have on offer. They can surprise many times with the quality of workmanship, beating even well-known brands of audio equipment. Therefore, I was waiting impatiently for the opportunity to check the newest product with the “h” logo.

This time it is a portable set of fully wireless headphones. Hakii Action, because we are talking about them, at first glance, do not stand out with anything innovative in this segment. However, you cannot judge a book by its cover. A convenient case with wireless charging is just one of the advantages. The headphones themselves are packed with the latest technologies, from the Qualcomm QCC3040 chipset, which is responsible for the sound, to advanced 10 mm DLC drivers and the new version 5.2 of the wireless Bluetooth standard. I invite you to the review of Hakia Action, where I will present not only how well they play, but also how they perform during intense movement.


The product comes from the official HAKII store, so it is delivered in an additional protective box for transport.

The appearance of the box is eye-catching, and the cardboard has a nice-to-touch texture of embossed waves. The front is a visualization of the headphones themselves from the case and the model name. On the sides there is the brand’s logo and the motto “Live my sound”. On the bottom, the inscriptions mainly in Chinese and English are intertwined, but the partial specification is read here. Hakii Action was produced by Havit.

The main advantages of the product can be seen on the back of the packaging. Including the use of the latest Bluetooth version 5.2, full water resistance according to the IPX7 standard, the hands-free function or the total operating time, which is up to 36 hours – together with the possibilities of the case and with a volume of 70%.


The contents of the box are a pleasant surprise. Usually, these types of sets consist only of the headphones themselves placed immediately in the case.

In the foil string packaging, we get additional sets of gel overlays in a color compatible with the Hakii Action housing. In total, we can match 3 sizes.

There is also a quite short USB cable with a type C plug on one side. And for storing everything, we get a nice-to-the-touch bag closed with a ribbon.

In addition, we have a paper user manual, which is also in Polish, although this one is not fully prepared.

Appearance and handling

Hakii Action earbuds currently come in two color variants. The tested specimen is a delicate blue – rated Ice Blue by Hakia. A more subdued black housing is also available for sale.

The dimensions of the oval cover are approximately 74 mm by 52 mm by 45 mm. So it is very small and, additionally, very light – it weighs just under 60 grams by itself. The housing is smooth to the touch and shiny. With this color, there is no major problem with collecting fingerprints. A badge of the Hakii brand is embossed on the top. On the bottom we have a pairing button and ratings.

On the back you can see the silver element of the hinge and the USB Type-C port that is used to charge the device. On the front there is a small LED informing, for example, about the low battery level. It is a pity that the indicator does not consist of several such lights – it would allow to determine the current state of the battery. The indentation in the housing makes it easier to open. Opening it also activates the pairing mode of the headphones themselves.

The interior resembles the anatomically shape of the interior of the auricle. The headphones fit into their places almost by themselves, using a magnet in the recess. Although they cannot be confused in places, the left and right sides are marked sequentially on both lids.

Hakii Action are typically sports wireless headphones. There are few products of this type with an additional headband that keeps them in the ear. The main part is made of plastic, and the mount itself is finished with silicone. Putting them on and taking them off is quick and convenient. Interestingly, the earpiece detects when we take it out of the ear. At this point, playback stops. After reinserting it, you have to manually resume the track.

Replaceable earbuds fit snugly to the handset casing. Personally, the average size suits me best. There is a microphone hole on the front.

Charging takes place with the use of two metal plates located in the lower part. On the outside, you can see a large logo and a small hole – it hides the second microphone. There is also a notification LED, but you can only see it when it’s active. The control panel is a flat area on each headphone. It works very gently. Single, double and even triple touches are supported, to which specific functions have been assigned, such as pausing playback or changing a song. Holding down on the right earbud makes the headset volume, and holding it down on the left increases the headset’s volume.

I had no trouble pairing. Bluetooth 5.2 works very well, although it is a pity that the NFC proximity module was omitted here. Active headphones show a similar charge level on the smartphone screen.

sound quality

The specification is very promising. The bandwidth in which the headphones operate is from 20 Hz to as much as 20 kHz. In fact, I can confirm it. Action supports the popular audio codecs aptx, SBC and AAC, thanks to which the sound is transmitted wirelessly in the appropriate form – no cuts in audio quality are introduced here. The drivers are 10 mm in diameter and are based on DLC diaphragms (the abbreviation comes from “Diamond-Like Carbon”). They are characterized by the speed of deflection and return. The biggest difference between them and the typical drivers used in in-ear headphones is the time in which the bass stops. Usually it is audible longer than it should, and here it fires at a point and “fades” when needed. I did not expect such small in-ear headphones to offer this level of bass. A huge plus for this model.

The Hakii Action is tuned almost perfectly, the way I like it. Small corrections in the sound equalizer are rather a fad. For most people, when removed from the case, they will play like that.

For this type of small sports headphones, the audio quality is phenomenal here. They beat the competition even twice as expensive. The sound is very detailed throughout the frequency range. Vocals don’t interfere with dynamic bass. Channel separation is clear.

When using them in the field, you have to remember that they quite strongly isolate from the environment.

Headphones in action

As the product is promoted for sports use, I also checked the operation of earbuds outdoors. The weather is good, so a bike ride is the best opportunity to see the durability of the product. I’ve never been a fan of earbuds in the form of “fleeces” to put in the ear. Mainly because of the fear of losing them while on the move. In this case, the construction with a silicone headband is a kind of salvation. It is true that for a person wearing glasses like me, the comfort of the additional temple attachment is a bit lower, but after a few hours spent with Hakia Action, I would not go back to headphones without this accessory. They withstood not only shocks, but also were not afraid of moisture. The IPX7 standard is resistant to both sweat and raindrops, but we can splash them easily after training.

Player mode

The very introduction of Bluetooth version 5.0 has significantly improved sound synchronization for many wireless speakers and headphones that I know. In the case of Hakia Action, it’s really hard to fault the noticeable lags in the reproduction of sound relative to the image.

Despite this, we can still improve the situation here and activate the so-called “Player Mode”. It is also known as “Low Latency Mode”. The change is made by pressing the right handset twice. Unfortunately, it does not have specialized equipment to be able to measure the level of delay. Both on the computer and when using a paired smartphone it is impossible to feel less than 50 ms. In addition, in this mode, the distance to the sound source is reduced, as is the battery life.

Therefore, I recommend this mode mainly to avid gamers, but also to people who have problems with audio-video synchronization while watching movies on wireless headphones.

HAKII Action Best Seller Wireless Headphone Recommand By Sports

Additional Features

The product is intended mainly for listening to music, watching movies or mobile gaming. However, the fact that the hands-free function has been introduced is pleasing. Here we have the opportunity to conduct conversations using a paired smartphone, and as many as 4 microphones ensure the proper quality of our voice. Not only do they pick up your voice well, they also use active noise reduction technology. It is known that they will not replace a studio microphone, but our interlocutor will certainly appreciate how clearly our hearing can be heard, even when we use the set in a car or in a busy city.

In addition, you can invoke the voice assistant by double-clicking the left earpiece. Siri is supported, but a Google helper also works. Convenient for quickly checking the weather without removing the phone, but also in the case of having smart devices at home. Imagine a situation when you leave the house and you remember that you left the light on. A simple command to your assistant and you extinguish them remotely.

HAKII Action Wireless Sport Earbuds With AI Assitant Support

Working time

The headphones have built-in batteries only 55 mAh. However, it is really enough for over 8 hours of operation, with about ¾ of the volume. With active noise reduction, this time is reduced by about 10-20%.

The case already has a larger battery. It has 420 mAh and each time you insert the headphones into it, they automatically start charging. The complete cycle is approximately 50 minutes. There is also the possibility of quick recharging. Just 10 minutes spent in the case will allow you to listen to music for about 2 hours. The case itself takes 1.5 hours to fully fill the battery using the cable. Charging the case is also possible wirelessly – it works without any problems on my Yeelight YLYD08YI bedside lamp with an induction panel.

HAKII Action Super Long Working Time Wireless Sport EarbudsFor such a small size, the working time is impressive.

The current charge status of the battery in the headphones can only be checked on a paired player – a smartphone or even a computer.

HAKII Action Adapt Computer Wireless Soprt EarphoneSummary

Action is another successful product signed with the Hakii brand logo. The product meets all my expectations. Starting with the mounting method that will work in all conditions. Going through a practically case increasing the long working time of the headphones. And the sound quality makes us want to be with them as long as possible.

HAKII Action Best Quality Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphone

The headphones are certainly premium, and the price is much better than similar sets, such as the JBL Endurance Peak. Even compared to the popular Tronsmart Onyx model, I am more for Hakii Action – not only because of their sound quality, but also for better ear support.

HAKII Action Premium Wireless Sport Earphone With Better Ear Support

The low latency mode will appeal to fans of watching your favorite series on the go or even to a mobile player. I recommend Hakia Action not only to people who like sports, but to everyone who loves good music every day.

HAKII Action low latency mode Wireless Sport Earbuds


  •  good frequency response and surprisingly strong bass,
  • – the construction with a headband ensures a good grip even when moving,
  • – very long working time,
  • – practical case with a built-in battery and the possibility of wireless charging,
  • – full water resistance of the headphones,
  • – the latest Bluetooth 5.2 standard,
  • – player mode – the delay of the sound is practically imperceptible,
  • – active noise reduction in the hands-free mode,
  • – the ability to call the voice assistant from the handset,
  • – two color variants available for sale,
  • – additional overlays in various sizes.

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