Hakii Action Pro True Wireless Sport Earbuds Review – Geekman

Hakii Action Pro True Wireless Sport Earbuds Review – Geekman

HAKII Action is a feature-packed pair of TWS earbuds for sport and fitness enthusiasts. These are mid-range earbuds that come at $99. Coming in this price range, the HAKII Action offers various features including IPX7 waterproof rating, APTX Codec support, CVC noise-cancellation, sport design, and various others.

HAKII might be a new name for users especially users living in India. So I give you the small intro, HAKII is the sub-brand of Havit which is a popular brand that provides gaming accessories and audio products. If you are a gym freak and fitness enthusiast and are thinking to buy HAKII Action, then this article will help you solve all your queries related to it. This review will address all the queries related to the product and will help you decide whether you should buy the product or not.

Box Content

The box contents of the HAKII Action are-

  • User manual
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Two different size ear tips
  • Clothing case
  • HAKII Action earbuds

Design, Build & Comfort

We have divided this section into two parts, the design of the charging case and the design of earbuds. Talking about the charging case, the case looks stylish and premium. It has a big oval shape with a nice glossy finish. However, the glossy finish of the case can get scratched, but you can protect it with the case provided with it.

There is minimal HAKII branding on the top which looks good with the design. The shape of the case is quite big, but yes the case is lightweight. Considering the size of the earbuds, the company has tried making the case as compact as it can.

The charging case has a USB Type-C charging port at the backside, and there is a small tiny button at the bottom of the case to reset the earbuds. There is a tiny led light on the front side which indicates the battery status and charging status of the case as well as the earpiece.

The case has a mechanical lead on the inside which works fine. The magnet is strong which makes the opening and close of the case very smooth and easy, which for sure feels premium. The earpiece sits in the human ear-like seating place in the charging case.

As for the design of these TWS earbuds, it is quite ergonomic and fits quite well in the ear. It is good to see that Hakii Action Pro has opted for soft silicone ear tips, which can be swapped to match your ear size. The silicone ear tips are very soft and are also extremely comfortable, so you can use them for multiple hours, without experiencing any kind of pain or unease.

The Hakii Action Pro also has dedicated silicon ear fins, which help keep the buds in place without causing a rash or blemish on the back of the ears.

Do The Earbuds Stay Connected?

The Hakii Action Pro earbuds are powered by the latest Qualcomm QCC3040 chipset and offer you high-speed data transfer speeds over the latest Bluetooth 5.2 support. It is exceptionally simple to initially pair both the earbuds to one another, followed by pairing them with your smartphone or laptop. I like to add, the latest Bluetooth 5.2 promises lower power consumption, stable connection, and faster transmission.

As for connection reliability, well, I didn’t face any trouble on Hakii Action in this department. The connection was usually strong and holds up to the expected 10-meter range. I also tested these earbuds while my gyming time, and still, I didn’t face disturbance or interference even at high body movements.

Another best thing is that the earbuds support aptx codec along with normal SBC and AAC codec. which is good news for iPhone owners since AAC plays well on iOS. If, however, you have an Android phone, your handset still maintains high-quality streaming with aptx codec.

 Gaming Is A New Sport!

As we know the Hakii Action has an aptX codec support, which offers lower latency than SBC and AAC. In addition, the earbuds also come with a dedicated gaming mode for gamers. You can simply turn on/turn off the gaming mode by double-tapping the right earbud. I tested these earbuds while playing PUBG Mobile, and believe me it offers the best experience.

 Microphone Is Also Important!

The microphone is another prime point of these earbuds. It has four microphone setups with Qualcomm CVC noise-canceling technology, which provides a clean audio recording with minimal background noise. The quality of the microphone is decent and works really well in an indoor environment. The CVC also helps to reduce the continuous background noise (not too much) like car engine sound, the sound of the fan, and such. Overall, the microphone experience was satisfactory nonetheless.

What About Battery Life?

Coming to the battery life, the brand doesn’t mention the battery size, but they claim up to 8 hours of playback time on a single earbud and 36 hours of playback time with the charging case. They’re totally on point and have been true about the numbers. I’ve been using these truly wireless earbuds for close to a week now for my daily driver and they lasted me for about 6 to 7 hours of continuous music playback (70% volume). With a charging case, it manages to give 27-27h playback time.

Audio Quality

The earbuds come 10mm DLC dynamic driver to deliver clear and balanced audio quality. The quality of the volume is not very high, but the overall sound stage. The sound from the earphone is pleasing and comfortable at a high volume. The overall audio output is clear with balanced music notes. The bass of the earbuds is punchy and deep. The good thing is that the bass note is not very high, and that’s why the vocal and treble are not very overpowered. Overall, The Hakii Action Pro presents you with a well-balanced decent soundstage.

The upper mid and highs are detailed. There’s a wide sound stage and good separation in the sound. The audio from these earbuds feels energetic. Overall, It has decent sound quality that you can expect from sports-oriented earbuds.

Final Words

The Hakii Action are the most comfortable sport & workout earbuds around and make huge improvements over the normal TWS earbuds. An IPX7 rating ensures water resistance for nearly all workouts activities, and the Sport Earbuds aren’t just durable & comfortable: they sound good too. Hakii Action’s feature set isn’t as impressive as one would hope, given the high cost of the Sport Earbuds, but you can easily ignore that if comfort is your main priority. For more info please check our full detailed review of Hakii Action on our Youtube Channel Geekman.




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