Política de reembolso

For Purchases Made From www.hakii.com

30-Day Risk Free Trial

Return any undamaged HAKII product within 30 days of delivery to receive a full refund. For www.hakii.com customers, please visit this page to learn about the return procedure. Refund will be sent to your bank within 10 business days depending on your bank network.

12-month extended warranty for quality-related issues

With our extended warranty, return any undamaged HAKII product within 12 months of purchase for a replacement of the product. Please contact us to tell us about the issue. 

Free user support

If your HAKII product isn’t working properly, contact our world-class, friendly tech support team for quick and easy solutions.

Limitations and notes on returns or refund

  • To receive the 30-day money back guarantee, you are responsible for shipping costs for returns unrelated to quality issues. The returned product must be in undamaged, sellable condition. If the product was damaged, we may not be able to provide full refund.
  • When returning an item, please ship it back within 30 days of receiving approval. Further delays may void or cause problems with your return
  • If orders are undeliverable because of buyers’ own reasons, for example, provide a wrong address, refuse to accept package, fail to get the package from carrier etc., the buyers will pay for the original and return shipping fee and other fee that may occur.
  • To make return or refund request based on quality-related reason, please allow our support staffs to try to find a solution for you first, and if we can't solve your problem, we will process your return or refund request.

Return Cost

Buyers who are returning product with no quality-related issues are responsible for the return fee that may occur. For returning products with quality-related issues, we will cover the standard shipping cost and the original shipping fee.

Quality-Related Issues

If a product does not work as the product description, we consider it quality-related issues. For specifications that comes with specific numbers, please allow for up to 30% of tolerance caused by measurement or depreciation.

Examples of quality-related issues:

  • Product damaged on arrival
  • Earbuds not making sound
  • Earbuds produce noises 

Examples of non-quality-related issues:

  • Don't like the product
  • Don't like the sound quality (unless the product is making noises)
  • Size not fit
  • Lack of features that are not listed in product description

Cancel / Edit Unfulfilled Orders

Customers can request to cancel or edit order they placed before orders are fulfilled. Orders that have been fulfilled cannot be cancel or edit during transition. If customers do need to return the order, they can contact us and submit return request after they received the product.

When submitting cancel or edit order request, please visit the request page . We will try our best to respond to cancel or edit request from email, however, due to the large amount of email we receive daily, we may not be able to respond to every request email in time, therefore, we only recognize the validity of cancel or edit requests made from the request page listed above.

Tax and Tariffs

Buyers are responsible for the tax and tariffs that may occur, and should cooperate when customs clearance is needed.

Friendly reminder:

When contacting us for help, be sure to have your Hakii product handy for troubleshooting!

Contact us

Email: support@hakii.com

Website: www.hakii.com

For purchases made from other retailers

Please contact the retailer you purchased from

Our returns and exchange service only covers purchases made directly from HAKII. If you purchased through a different merchant, please contact them. Note: unauthorized reselling of HAKII merchandise is prohibited. If our returns policies change, this page will be updated immediately.