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HAKII, a brand “focusing on smart sports equipment”, is committed to designing differentiated products that satisfy different sports scenarios so as to create a brand-new “smart×sports” lifestyle experience for young people and meet the potential sports demands that pay more attention to intelligence, social contact and trendiness in the future. At the beginning of its establishment, HAKII focused on creating light sports audio products, and then launched several products with excellent reputation at home and abroad successively, such as G1 PRO, MOON, TIME and SWIFT, on the track of Bluetooth headset. In 2021, HAKII began to stride forward to the new field of smart sports equipment on the basis of the existing design concept and R&D experience, and launched ACTION, WAKE, WIND and other products with stronger sports properties, which, meanwhile, plans to launch a blockbuster product in the world at the beginning of 2022.


Cross-border cooperation HAKII ICE   Cao Xue

With ice-sports as the design inspiration, the blockbuster product HAKII ICE in 2021 features ice elements from concept to appearance, which targets winter sports as the main application scenario and is presented as a gift for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.

As the chief designer of the mascots for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Professor Cao Xue has a convincing aesthetic authority for the products in line with the spirit of the Winter Olympic Games, who has provided more professional guidance and extension space for the product from the design concept.

Chief designer of mascots for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games Dean of College of visual art and design in Guangzhou Academy of fine arts  HAKII ICE Chief aesthetic director

Cross-border cooperation ACTION x“Transcendence

HAKII ACTION, the flagship product of 2021, is a product endowed with the significance of self-transcendence, which is designed with higher standards in both performance and use experience, and shares the same values with the sports film “Transcendence” that was released during the same period and starred by Zheng Kai. In the film, there is the scene where Zheng Kai uses HAKII earbuds, which officially announces the brand positioning of “focusing on smart sports equipment” that HAKII has re-established this year.

Cross-border cooperation MARS xViya

The design inspiration of HAKII MARS outdoor sports speaker comes from Mars that is with a dual landform and 32 kinds of outdoor environments are simulated for testing. Its comprehensive performance is strong enough to adapt to 99% of outdoor sports scenarios. At the end of 2019, we reached cooperation with Viya Taobao direct broadcasting room to enhance the brand and product popularity through the traffic channel of top anchors.

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HAKII has been continuously expanding its brand exposure channels by linking the recommendation of KOC with KOL endorsement. With Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and other platforms as the main promotion channels in overseas markets, HAKII has successively cooperated with more than 200 head and middle evaluation talents with certain influence in the field of science and technology and got millions of traffic exposures. In the domestic markets, Wechat, Weibo, Douyin, bilibili and Little Red Book, etc. that cover the fields like sports, technology, digital and fashion are taken as the dominant platforms to continue to deeply develop the “smart X sports” consumer market.



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