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HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones mobile

HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones

Listen to Your New Look

Headphones that Blend In With Your Fashion / Sports Styles

Headband Design
Innovative Desgin
Open Ear
Speaker Driver
22mm Extra-Large Driver
Dual Mic
Dual Noise-Cancelling Mic
Bluetooth 5.3 Chip
Playback Time
8 Hours of Music
HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones
HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones mobile


HAKII MIX Bone Conduction Earphones Bluetooth Headband for Sleeping Standard Bluetooth Earphones
Stable Wearing ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★
Adjustability 3 level adjustability, exchangable sweatband
Listening Experience Natural Unnatural with vibration Natural Natural
Sound Quality ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★★
Transparent Hearing Yes
Anti Sound Leakage ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★★
Ear Stuffing
Stylishness Fashionable color with exchangable sweatbands
Anti Sweat Sweat blocking with sweatband, IPX5 No Sweat Blocking, IPX5 No Sweat Blocking, IPX5-IPX7
HAKII MIX Algorithm

Sounds Like Standard Headphones - Without Stuffing Ears

HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones deliver sound using Directional Sound technology. The sound will be transmitted to ears via air like other headphones did, but with patented abTube™ technology, the spreading of sound will be limited, and only the user will be able to hear the sound as loud as medium volume within 1 meter (3.28 feet) of range outdoors. By using Direcetional Sound, HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones provide the same, or even better listening experience as standard headphones, without covering your ears, or causing unnatural vibration like bone conduction earphones do.

Keep It to Yourself

HAKII MIX Sound Wave

Patented abTube™ technology to balance the speakers and cancel out far-field sounds

HAKII MIX Algorithm Mobile

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

With Open-Ear design, the HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones allows you to hear your surroundings while listening to the music, protecting you from outdoor dangers like traffic or animals while running, skateboarding, or doing other outdoor activities.

Surround Sound with HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones
Surround Sound with HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones Mobile
22mm Drivers of HAKII MIX

Uncompromised Sound Quality

While the powerful 22mm powerful speaker drivers of HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones deliver natural and high-definition multi-frequency audio performance, the customized Liso™ algorithm automatically analyzes current enviornment, and optimize sound quality configuartion accordingly.

6mm speaker driver


Ordinary Bluetooth Headsets

bone conduction drivers


Bone Conduction Headphones

22mm Drivers of HAKII MIX Mobile

Never-Fall Design

With the secure headband design, you no longer need to worry about earbuds falling out. Possibly the most secure-fitting headphones on the market, the HAKII MIX headband headphones help you take on any intensive activities.

Girl Running Wearing HAKII MIX Headband HeadphonesGirl Running Wearing HAKII MIX Headband Headphones mobile

More than Sweat Resistant

Thanks to the headband design, the HAKII MIX smart headband headphones are not only IPX5 sweatproof, they are also able to block sweat from flowing to your eyes and face, helping you stay clean and focused during your intensive sports activities.

IPX5 Waterproof of HAKII MIXIPX5 Waterproof of HAKII MIX mobile

Marathon-level Playback Time

With up to 8 hours of listening time, HAKII MIX will be powerful enough for even a full marathon

USB Type-C
USB Type-C
Charging Time
Charging Time 1.5-2h
Battery TimeBattery Time mobile

Clear Conversation

HAKII Mix Smart Headband Headphones are equipped with 2 microphones, which reduce phone call noises with beam-forming array technology. Use the simple 3-button design to control phone calls, music, or Siri or other AI assistants.

Clear Conversation with HAKII MIX Smart HeadbandClear Conversation with HAKII MIX Smart Headband mobile

Instant Connection & Binaural Low-Latency

With the help of the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology, these smart headband headphones provide stable and fast connectivity and low latency listening experience.

Latest Bluetooth TechnologyLatest Bluetooth Technology mobile

Right Fit For You

S/M sizes classic sweatbands

Adjustable magnetic clips on both sides

Girl wearing HAKII MIX Headband Headphones Girl wearing HAKII MIX Headband Headphones mobile
HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones

HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones Specifications

*Specifications originated from HAKII laboratory test results
HAKII MIX Smart Headband Headphones
Product Size
Body: 36.8 x 3.7 x 2.2cm
90g (the body + elastic band)
Elastic Band
Size S: 22 x 3.2cm / fits for heads 52cm-55cm
Size M: 25 x 3.2cm / fits for heads 56cm-59cm
Voice Unit
22mm Driver
Frequency Response
20hz - 20khz
Water Resistance
Working Distance
15 Meters (barrier free)
Fully Charging Time
1.5 Hours
Fusion Charging
5mins charging for 1hr play time
Audio Coding

What They Say

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews

It weighs and feels like regular headbands but more stylish, plus it has speaker/mic! I am fan of open ear earbuds but I was not able to find a good/easy-to-use one for my long road runnings until I saw this. I ordered black and man I got my wish come true. Thank to those people that innovated this and brought such a beautiful thought to the reality with such a good quality. It’s loud enough that I have to bring the volume down to be in my comfort zone, so no problem there. And if I compare Apple-to-Apple the sound quality is significantly better that other open ear earbuds that I have. It also paired with my Samsung Smart TV!


Well I received wrong order last week I responded back by email and have had no response back since then. I am going to resend the wind11 glasses back by registered post to sender then hopefully they will send me the the Headband headphones 🎧.

Steve G.
Awesome headset

I love my new Hakii earphones so much! Great sound and super confortable

Ramona F.
Worth it

This visor is great for a run in the morning

Arthur H.
Best buy

I bought for a Christmas gift for a friend who walks his dogs. He loved it