There’s a cool thing called breaking the rule

There’s a cool thing called breaking the rule

A headset! What imagination can you have?

From design to experience, how to avoid falling into the dilemma of homogeneous competition?

What is the most intuitive approach?

Both style and workmanship are subversive.

As we often say, defeat magic with magic.

This time, we use “ice” to break the ice!

This light sports headset is positioned as the heavyweight product of hakii 2021. From conceptual design to final mass production, it takes up to 10 months before it is finally as you can see. Break the rules and meet the difficulties.

Unconventional design aesthetics

The design of hakii ice is inspired by ice sports. The shell of transparent material shows the permeability of ice. The streamlined corrugated inner shell symbolizes the elegance of ice sports. The high permeability ice sealed appearance composed of two layers of shell interprets the unity of beauty and texture.

Product design should be at a turning point. The turning point of haki ice is to experience comfort and nature visually and in the process of opening and taking out.

For example, the opening and closing positions of the charging bin are at the golden section point of the bin body, which is the aesthetics in the eyes of the designer.

Hakii ice’s innovation and maturity, the degree of completion and every contact touching consumers are full of surprises.

Break the conventional process

The appearance is not simple, and naturally has an unconventional process. The design of hakii ice portable charging box breaks through the limitation of traditional single material process in the industry.
Innovative application of high permeability and high temperature resistant two-color composite materials, combined with two polishing processes.

It has experienced 25 formula matching tests before and after, 21 raw material adjustments of this sample, 6 transparent layer thickness adjustments, 20 texture model adjustments, and 18 trial production.

Do not do things that simply repeat values, but do things with values. Hakii ice conveys its brand attitude of being independent and cool in the end with the process level of excellence.

Break the conventional configuration

Aesthetics depends on specialty and practicality depends on data. Hakii ice not only has fashionable high appearance value, but also has leading high configuration.

How many possibilities exist from zero to infinity, and the courage to break the Convention exists in the exploration of each possibility.

Hakii ice is now officially available!




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