TOKYO, JAPAN, October 16, 2019 — The team at Hakii is thrilled to announce that their?G1 Pro?wireless earbuds have won the Good Design Award 2019 from Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

Good Design Award was established in 1957 and recognizes various tangible and intangible products and items that have been exceptionally engineered to fulfill a purpose. Recently, Good Design Award awarded Hakii?s G1 Pro with the Good Design Award 2019 in the audio equipment and music instruments category.

?The G1 Pro is a true wireless smart Bluetooth sports headset designed for sports enthusiasts,? said the Good Design Award team, who also noted the ergonomic design of the G1 Pro, its compact design, and its charging case.

According to Good Design Award, ?This sports-oriented TWS earbuds are designed with simple ergonomic touch, ensuring the audio quality during any activity or movement. The smart case structure maximizes use of internal space to make the product easy to carry and ready to use in everyday life.?

Hakii?s G1 Pro features advanced Bluetooth 5.0 QUALCOMM chipset, 6.0 mm customized Ti-dynamic drivers, and double MEMS microphones. Users experience a stable connection, clear sound, and low power consumption. With each set of wireless earbuds, Hakii customers receive a streamlined charging case. CVC 8.0 ENC noise canceling technology lends to a truly unparalleled listening experience that can be enjoyed seamlessly on the go.

Hands-free calling means that the Hakii G1 Pro can also be used for making calls.

The G1 Pro earbuds offer 8 hours of playback time, and with the charging case, playback time goes up to 40 hours. In just 15 minutes, users can charge their G1 earbuds to two hours of listening time. With onboard IPX6 waterproofing, users can rest assured that their earbuds are safe for all conditions.

Details about the Good Design Award can be found at? More information about the G1 Pro is available at?

About Hakii

Hakii is a casual sports audio brand offering dynamic, fashion-forward devices delivering premium sound experiences.