HAKII Action A Headset Suitable For Sports

HAKII Action A Headset Suitable For Sports

HAKII Action Wireless Bluetooth Headphone With Exquisite packaging


HAKII headphones have been in touch before, and the packaging design of his house is also very individual. The opening method is pulling. In order to facilitate pulling, there is a silicone pull ring on the top of the earphone, which is convenient and also gives the packaging a very advanced feeling. The front of the HAKII ACTION package is printed with a promotional image of this product, and the upper left corner is the classic "h" logo of HAKII.

HAKII Action Best Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 Sport Earbuds

The above is the family portrait of HAKII ACTION. In addition to the regular earphones, charging cable, and manual, this earphone is also equipped with a variety of different specifications and different colors of silicone caps and storage bags. Overall, the accessories are more abundant.

HAKII Action Fashionable Wireless Sport Earphone Under 100


The charging compartment of HAKII ACTION adopts a cobblestone design. The whole body has no edges or corners and is very round. The HAKII ACTION is available in black and ice blue. The black surface is frosted, and the ice blue is piano-like. Paint treatment. The size of the charging compartment is 73.4*52.2*45.5mm, which is about the same size as an egg. The top of the charging box is marked with the "h" logo of HAKII, which increases the overall recognition of the charging compartment, allowing users familiar with this brand to know where it comes from at a glance.

HAKII Action Best Wireless Bluetooth Smart Control Sport Earbuds

At the bottom of the charging compartment are some parameters of this product. The charging box has a built-in 420mAh battery, and the headset is a 110mAh battery, and the charging compartment of this headset also supports wireless charging. The official battery life data shows that the headset can be played continuously for 9 hours when fully charged, and the longest battery life with the charging compartment can reach 36 hours. In addition, there is a reset button at the bottom of the headset. If you encounter a failure to connect normally, long press for 10 seconds to reset the headset configuration information.

HAKII Action Blue Wireless Sport Headphone suitable for sports

The HAKII ACTION headset adopts an ergonomic rear-hanging body design, and in order to adapt to the ear types of different people, HAKII has made thousands of corrections based on experience feedback, which is the main reason why I chose this headset. The material of the earphone part is hard PC with piano paint like the charging compartment, and the ear part is made of a more skin-friendly, softer, and elastic silicone material, which is very comfortable to the touch.

HAKII Action Comfort For Ear Wireless Sport Headphone

The "h" logo on the outside of the headset is the touch button of this headset. At present, most TWS headsets use a similar design. In addition, the addition of touch buttons has another effect that can make the headset have better water resistance. Speaking of waterproofing, the waterproof rating of HAKII ACTION is IPX7, which can effectively block the intrusion of sweat and rain during daily exercise.

HAKII Action Best Wireless Bluetooth 5.2 TWS Earphone

The HAKII  ACTION headset uses a 10mm-size DLC-type diamond diaphragm speaker, and is also blessed by a Japanese imported DaiKoKu pure copper voice coil, so the sound quality of this headset is very predictable. In addition, the noise reduction system of HAKII ACTION is also remarkable. The adaptive microphone coordinates Qualcomm's 8th-generation CVC intelligent call noise reduction technology, which can effectively reduce noise and realize high-definition calls for users.

HAKII Action Satble Quick Connect Bluetooth Sport Earbuds

Experience feelings

HAKII  ACTION, as a rear-mounted earphone, has a unique advantage in wearing it. It is not only comfortable to wear, but also very stable. No matter how intense the exercise is, the earphone will definitely not slip off the ear. However, if the HAKII ACTION and glasses are worn at the same time, the earphones will occasionally not fit tightly. At this time, it will be more suitable if you put on some small earplugs.

HAKII Action Best Seller In Sports Wireless Sport Earbuds

In addition, the touch buttons equipped with HAKII ACTION are also more sensitive. Usually, listening to and cutting songs can be completed with a single touch, and the advantage of touch buttons compared to physical buttons is that it is not easy to accidentally touch when lying down. It is worth mentioning that HAKII ACTION also supports the voice assistant function of waking up the phone, we only need to tap the left earphone twice to complete.

In terms of sound quality, the performance of HAKII ACTION is also acceptable, which is basically in line with the price of the product. When listening to Teacher Cai Qin's "Ferry", the performance of the headset is also remarkable. The sinking of the bass and the fineness and fullness of the midrange can be reflected, but it is lacking in the treble, which is somewhat sharp. In terms of noise reduction, HAKII ACTION's accomplishments far exceed sound quality. Even in a noisy environment, the conversation with the other party can be clearly distinguished.

Finally, the battery life of the earphones. Adjust the volume of the earphones to about 30%, which can basically be maintained at about 9 hours given by the official. I usually wear them when I take the subway or get up early and run in the morning. The volume of the earphones will be around 60%. I listen to music for about 1 hour a day, and the headset and charging compartment are basically charged once every half a month. This battery life is enough for me. In addition, because this headset supports wireless charging, it is very convenient to use it with a wireless charging pad.


The HAKII ACTION headset still has many highlights, especially the rear-mounted design and the addition of wireless charging. The rear-mounted design is really very friendly to those who exercise Convenience of recharging. The positioning and pricing of HAKII ACTION is also basically reasonable. It is a very suitable product if you want to wear it during sports!

I already have several pairs of TWS headphones, the sound quality will not be mentioned for the time being. Currently, none of them can be worn during strenuous exercise. The main reason is that the headphones cannot stay firmly in the ear during strenuous exercise, so I have a start. The idea of ​​a sports headset. At this time, HAKII launched a new product ACTION. This headset uses a rear-hanging design, and the ice blue is also very recognizable, which basically meets your needs, so I have this review.


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